A Simple, Beautiful Story

Date: December 24, 2017
Liturgical Day: The Nativity of Our Lord; Christmas Eve

the heart of our faith
Immanuel; God with us
with each one of us

The simple, unassuming story of a baby’s birth in Bethlehem is the Christmas story. It begins in Bethlehem and continues in us. It is the story that bears Christ into our lives, and through us, into today’s world. “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them.” May we do the same!

Download Sermon: 2017 Christmas Eve Sermon

Gabriel, Mary, and the Birth of the Messiah

Date: December 24, 2017
Liturgical Day: The Fourth Sunday of Advent; Year B

a servant of God
Mary, Mother of our Lord
strong, bold and faithful

The Annunciation (of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary) is an amazing story, told by St. Luke in an extraordinary way. And as we read slowly and carefully enough to notice what this story is telling us, and to wonder what it might mean for us, we find ourselves invited into the Christmas story in a new and fresh way.

Download Sermon: 2017-12-24 Sermon