About Pastor David J. Risendal

HeadShot3Pastor DaveDavid J. Risendal serves as Pastor at Saint Peter Lutheran Church in Greenwood Village, Colorado (a suburb on the south-east edge of the Denver metropolitan area).

He grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis / St. Paul. He is a graduate of Stillwater Senior High School (1975), the University of Minnesota (1980), and Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary (1984).

Pastor Dave was ordained by the Lutheran Church in America in 1984. He previously served at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Paradise Valley, Arizona (Assistant Pastor, 1984-1988) and at Esperanza Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona (Founding Pastor, 1988-1998). He has been at Saint Peter since September, 1998.

He lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife and two sons. His hobbies include bluegrass music (he plays banjo for Credibility Gap, a local Denver area bluegrass group), flyfishing, hiking and bicycling.

10 thoughts on “About Pastor David J. Risendal

  1. Good evening pastor David
    I am Also an ordained minister in The Church of North India and have been reading and following yr Good work for the Lord .I have really been blessed by your sermons which are Christ Centered and simple.Do keep us (my wife Smita and eight year old son Jonathan) in your prayers.
    i would love to interact with you in the near future
    You can mail me at markjdwalsh@yahoo.co.in
    God Bless and Love to your Family
    In Christ I Remain

    Revd.Mark James Walsh
    St.Nicholas Church
    Near Raj Bhawan
    India Pin 263001
    Mobile +91 9997005075.

  2. Go’ dag Pastor Dave
    Stillwater is a beautiful place to come home to.
    Ha det bra, take care of yourself in Norwegian.
    Bob O’Neil

  3. Great to hear from you, Steve. We just had the Village Thanksgiving service yesterday evening. Margaret and her husband were there. We still see her every year. I hope all is well with you in Boulder. Our son is a Freshman at CU now, so we get up there every once in a while. Great place to live! (Is envy still a sin?)
    Thanks for the note,

  4. So, Dave, I tripped over your name on text week, while I’m waiting to go to our community Thanksgiving service here in Boulder. I do remember fondly our work together as Village Clergy, when I was at Hope. Say hi to the fam, and our mutual friends there in Greenwood Village –> the place Which reality forgot… 😉

    Steve Warren, Mountain View United Methodist Chruch.

  5. Doug: great to see your name again! That was an amazing dinner, wasn’t it? I’m still not sure what I ate, but I don’t remember anything that has ever tasted quite that good.
    I’d love to see you some time when you are visiting in Denver. Come by mid-week if you can, and we’ll grab a cup of coffee. (We’re not so far from UCH — my wife works there, at the CU Cancer Center.)

  6. Dave,
    I was excited to see your website referenced on Textweek.com. It is my most frequent gateway to worship planning. We met in Taize and enjoyed a great dinner together late in the week. Glad to know you and your church are doing well. I am still enjoying Las Cruces, NM. My kids are now residents of the Denver area – Bethany a RN at UCH and Ryan in Boulder looking ahead full-time ministry. I’ll try to keep in touch and maybe drop in on a service on one of our trips to CO.
    — Doug Weeks

  7. Dear servant of God in the ministry.
    Greetings coming from Africa Kenya to you my dear. am the servant of God in the fellowship church in Africa Kenya Gussi highland with small ministry of 82 church members, am a Kenyan and am the pastor of this ministry for 7 years , in my prayer request to you is to partnership with you to teach unchristian people of God in our location here in the area of Gussi. i love to request you to train this people more the word of God and to hear the voice of God.
    i visit your website today and i read your Good fellowship work, my heart attach you more , my request is to join you for more teachings and worship together,
    i thank God for your work to build your small ministry here in Africa Kenya , i pray for you to come Africa to ministered this ministry if God open your ways and means, thank you may the lord bless you and visit me.
    hearing from you my dear. remain with full thanks .
    yours pastor Deacon Henry.

  8. Thank you for your internet letter in response to the death of Osama Bin Laden. I have shared its contents with my congregation at Brookfield Congregational Church in Brookfield, MA.

    I too thought of the dilemma that our brother, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, faced during World War II.

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