Are You the One?

John the Baptist; pointing believers to Christ Date: December 11, 2016 Liturgical Day: The Third Sunday of Advent; Year A

Summary: Imprisoned by King Herod, John sends followers to ask Jesus, “Are You the One?” Jesus doesn’t give them an argument in response, but simply says, “Tell John what you see.” It makes one think: Are we Christians? What do people see when they look at us?

Some discussion Questions:

  1. When people look at us, what evidence helps them to see that we are Christ-followers?
  2. As we consider following Christ, what do Isaiah’s words (in Isaiah 35:1-10) reveal to us about God’s priorities?
  3. What does Mary’s song (in St. Luke 1:46b-55) proclaim about the works of God, the Mighty One?

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