An Epiphany of God

Date: January 8, 2017Liturgical Day: The First Sunday after the Epiphany: "The Baptism of Our Lord" (Year A)

shedding light on God an epiphany of Christ God: with us; for us

Summary: During this time after the Epiphany of Our Lord, we study text that shed light on who God is, and what God wants for us. Today we remember that God loves us deeply: enough to become one of us, to die for us, to love us wholeheartedly.

Some discussion Questions: 1. What does God’s desire to become one of us say about how God thinks and feels about us? 2. How does the Book of Acts (10:34-43) interpret what John accomplished when he baptized Jesus? 3. In what ways do the words of Isaiah 42:1-9 help us to understand who Jesus is, and what he does?

Download Presentation Slides:  2017-01-08 Sermon

Download "Take It Home" Handout: Take It Home; Epiphany 1A